You can train yourself to sleep better ...

The Sleep Training System (STS) is a user-friendly,  evidence-based, highly customizable program for better sleep now and permanently in the future.  Based on proven human performance training methods combined with cognitive behavioral therapy specifically designed for insomnia (CBT-I), the STS is completely substance free, safe, with no troublesome side effects.  These methods are the proven standard of care for primary insomnia.


Why the Sleep Training System?

The STS combines CBT-I features within a user-friendly structure of proven human performance training methods.  The program is very interactive and provides much encouragement, support, and guidance every step of the way.  

Packed with dozens of ideas for permanent sleep improvement, the STS enables you identify and directly address the root causes for primary insomnia.

Key Features

The STS incorporates proven CBT-I methods in a step-by-step program for permanent sleep improvement

Stimulus Control

Counter the negative conditioning that perpetuates insomnia, while reinforcing positive associations for good sleep.

Sleep Hygiene

Learn simple ways to cultivate a lifestyle and habits supportive of your natural ability to sleep well, in addition to strengthening overall good health

Cognitive Restructuring

Use proven methods to take back control over your thoughts. Using these methods, you can literally think your way to better sleep.

Sleep Timing

Determine your unique timing for optimal sleep quality and quantity.  Learn how to synchronize your body clock with your sleep drive, making sleep when you want it practically irresistible.

Controlling stress

Manage stress and improve sleep with a number of different methods that are customizable to your own unique situation

Managing Anxiety

Learn to let go recurring negative thought patterns that underlie anxiety, while developing a more accurate, positive, and realistic outlook on life

Treat the cause, not the symptom

For many people, there are much better ways to battle sleeplessness than taking a pill, which often only treats the symptoms.

Our approach with the Sleep Training System is different.  We focus not on the symptoms but go directly to the underlying sources of the problem: counterproductive behaviors and negative, often distorted thoughts about sleep that contribute to a self-perpetuating cycle of insomnia.  By comprehensively addressing the true roots of the problem, you enable and naturally strengthen your innate ability to sleep well -- permanently, safely, and without drugs.

Using the STS, you will learn and use evidence-based methods comparable to those used in top sleep clinics around the world.  Many of these methods are derived from cognitive behavioral therapy applied specifically to insomnia (CBT-I).


"What is so eloquently distilled into six weeks is amazing -- just the right amount of high level and detail.  I also think the price of the STS is one of the very best investments anyone can make; at $30 it is a bargain."