Safe and Effective

The Sleep Training System (STS) has been evaluated, approved, and recommended by a wide range of healthcare professionals, including medical doctors, sleep specialists, counselors, and mental health experts.

"For our patients with sleep disturbances, we recommend the Sleep Training System"
            -- Devin Mikles, M.D., Choices Integrative Healthcare
The STS is used by many medical doctors personally and recommended for patients experiencing sleep problems.

"For online resources for my patients with psychophysiologic insomnia, your program is the best I've seen so far."

           -- Medical doctor specializing in sleep and head of a sleep clinic

The STS is regularly updated as new research and important developments occur in sleep science. These updates are incorporated into the material you see in the program.

"I recently completed the STS and saw dramatic results in my sleep. I was amazed at how well it worked!  I am feeling refreshed and full of energy."

"It's been about one week since reading some of your materials.  It has helped me tremendously.  I have experienced the best sleep since this bout started.  I'm at around 7 hours/night and most nights the sleep is good quality and very refreshing.  Many thanks!!!!"

The STS includes proven cognitive and behavioral methods (CBT-I) specifically designed for sleep improvement.  CBT-I is the recommended standard of care for both primary and secondary insomnia by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, which sets the standards for sleep professionals in the U.S.

"Extremely well organized with a great balance of theory/information and practical step-by-step instructions."

"I purchased the Sleep Training System and it's helped me in my thinking ... which I believe is contributing greatly to my progress.  Much of what is contained in the STS is consistent with the therapy I have been going through with a certified sleep specialist."

"What is so eloquently distilled into six weeks is amazing -- just the right amount of high level and detail.  I also think the price of the STS is one of the very best investments anyone can make; at $30 it is a bargain."   

"Interesting and very helpful. The program is well structured and allows reflection and personal analysis.  STS is something I will continue with as long term maintenance."