Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have insomnia?

Insomnia is the inability to fall sleep and/or stay asleep when desired; it may be a varying combination of the two. To be considered true insomnia, the sleeplessness must also be accompanied by an adverse effect on performance during waking hours.


What is CBT-I?

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy specifically designed for insomnia.  CBT-I methods are the evidence-based standard of care, substance-free, and designed to comprehensively address the nonmedical root sources for primary insomnia.

How does the Sleep Training System (STS) differ from other CBT-I programs?

The STS includes the comprehensive set of CBT-I methods, but is unique in delivering them within a user-friendly, self-help structure derived from principles of human performance training.

What is cognitive restructuring?

The examination of beliefs, attitudes, and expectations about sleep, combined with specific reframing of recurring negative thoughts about sleep to something more positive, accurate, and supportive of good sleep.

What is sleep hygiene?

A collection of methods to improve both the sleep environment and to cultivate a healthy sleep supportive lifestyle.

What is stress management?

Strategies to understand and counter negative reactions to stressful situations, including specific methods to relax when and where you want.

How does anxiety affect sleep?

By increasing stress hormones in the body.  If the anxiety (and/or stress) is prolonged and unremitting, stress hormones can last well into the night and disrupt sleep.

What is stimulus control?

One of the core CBT-I methods that aims to undo negative conditioned responses that reinforce insomnia, replacing them with positive conditioning for better sleep.

What is sleep restriction therapy?

One of the core CBT-I methods that strives to match time spent in bed with the amount of time actually sleeping.  Called Sleep Timing in the STS.

Will the STS work for me?

Providing you have no unaddressed medical or psychiatric issues, and if you make a good faith effort to use the program, yes there is a very good chance you will significantly improve the quantity and quality of your sleep, and your satisfaction with your sleep.  Many who use CBT sleep training methods eventually become normal sleepers.

Is the STS guaranteed to work?

We are confident these methods will help you, providing you make a good faith effort to use the program.  If after conscientously using the STS fully and completely for 7 weeks you are still not sleeping better, we will refund your purchase price.