sleepingmoon  You stand to greatly benefit from the Sleep Training System if you:


• Are experiencing problems with sleep that affect your daytime functioning.

• Have no untreated medical or psychiatric problems causing your sleeplessness.

• Want to improve your sleep naturally without drugs.

• Are willing to take the time to understand the concepts and work the program.

• Are willing to take an honest look at your thoughts and behaviors that may be contributing to sleeplessness.


If this sounds like you, the STS could help you become a normal sleeper again.

This user-friendly program is carefully designed to help you every step of the way.  The STS will provide you with very specific methods and interactive tools all framed within a clear, easy-to-follow structure.  In addition, the STS offers you many useful sleep tips, extensive resources, and much positive encouragement.

To achieve your full potential to sleep well, let's be clear that you need to actually use the concepts and work the program.  Make no mistake, it takes determination and focus to break counterproductive sleep habits and re-enable your inherent natural ability for sound sleep.  

But this really is no different than many other worthwhile facets of life -- what you get out is often directly related to what you put in.

The methods contained in the STS have been repeatedly proven to help most people achieve a significant improvement in quality and quantity of sleep -- and to sustain this naturally, permanently, and without drugs.

So if you have been experiencing sleep problems, we invite you to rediscover the profound benefit of a good night's sleep on your daytime performance, personal happiness, and overall health.


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