While studying psychology at UCLA, I learned many different types of psychotherapies.  Of them all, I have found CBT not only to be effective, but to be by far the most flexible approach for treating a multitude of conditions, for this one very simple reason – it works.  Today in fact, CBT is considered the gold standard in treating insomnia.

In the STS, we enhance the methods derived from clinically proven CBT-I by incorporating helpful tools, tips, and techniques that I have used professionally in over 40 years of counseling work, adult education, and performance training. 

By applying CBT within a user-friendly framework of performance training, the result is this:  you can systematically train yourself to sleep better

Just as you train to acquire a new skill, play a musical instrument, perform dance steps, learn another language, or perform any of the countless other human capabilities, you can effectively train yourself to sleep better. 

The STS will show you how, in a logical step-by-step program. 

By combining CBT and the common sense approach of performance training, the STS delivers a very safe, natural, and effective treatment for better sleeping.  It does not require drugs of any kind to work. 

The STS goes directly to the root causes of learned insomnia.  Unlike pills, the program will not force you to sleep.  Instead, the STS enables you to sleep. 

The STS helps you identify and release negative thoughts and counterproductive behaviors that interfere with sleep.  By constructively addressing the root causes, the STS helps you remove the impediments that hamper good sleep.  And you do so permanently with no side effects.

The concepts in the STS are proven.  And, as you will learn as you proceed through this program, if the STS so effectively helps you safely and naturally sleep better, you can also apply the very same tools to help improve most any aspect of your life in which you have potential.  Knowing the solution to your problems often resides within you is tremendously empowering. 

For me, it boiled down to this:  when the choice was either let insomnia control me or I control it, that was an easy decision to make. 

So consider this your invitation – and the means – to take back control.  If you are willing to conscientiously work the program, the STS will provide you with a clear, logical, concise, step-by-step plan to naturally improve and powerfully strengthen your ability to sleep well and consistently awaken refreshed.

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