There are much better ways to battle sleeplessness.

Our approach with the Sleep Training System (STS) is different.  We focus not on the symptoms but go directly to the sources of the problem – the attitudes, expectations, and behaviors that prevent and disrupt a good night’s sleep.  By addressing the true underlying roots of the problem, you enable and naturally strengthen your inborn ability to sleep well – permanently, safely, and without drugs.

The STS takes a unique approach by incorporating proven concepts in human performance training used in business and adult learning, along with highly effective sleep-improvement methods derived from cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT-I).  Together, they are an exceptionally powerful combination to help improve sleep.

The sleep improvement methods in the STS are comparable to those used in top sleep clinics around the world.  These methods have been tested many times in clinical situations and have proven to be of significant benefit.  Using CBT-based programs, at least one-third of insomniacs become normal sleepers.  At least 70-80%, and in some studies up to 100% derive benefit from using CBT methods.  

CBT-I methods are also the standard of care recommended for insomnia by the American College of Physicans and the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.  Significantly, these gold-standard methods are entirely drug-free and have no adverse side effects.  More importantly, these methods are statistically more effective than sleeping pills, with none of the troublesome side effects nor dependency issues.

In addition, on-line versions of these methods -- including self-help programs like the STS to improve sleep -- have been shown to be effective as well.  Moreover, the benefits of CBT sleep training programs have been proven to extend beyond primary insomnia – research shows these methods also reduce symptoms of depression and improve sleep for those with obstructive sleep apnea.  

This is important:  you too can reasonably expect to benefit if you conscientiously use this program.

Using the STS, you will learn and use proven CBT and performance training methods to help yourself sleep better, and to improve the quantity, quality, and efficiency of your sleep.  By properly applying these methods, many former insomniacs have permanently recovered normal sleep, and done so without the need for drugs of any kind.  This program will provide you with a precise, easy to follow, step-by-step manual to achieve exactly that goal.

This is what the STS is about – proven techniques you can use to sleep better, whether you’re just up occasionally and want to learn how to better control your sleep, or even if you have suffered through years of sleep problems, as many of us have.

I speak from experience on this, because that’s exactly what I did.

For most of my life, I was a normal sleeper.  Sure, there were occasional times when I had trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, as most people do.  But I functioned reasonably well during the daytime and these occasional nights with less than optimal sleep weren’t a problem.