You can train yourself to sleep better ...

... and the STS will provide you with a precise, step-by-step manual to do exactly that.

For many people, there are much better ways to battle sleeplessness than taking a pill, which often only treats the symptoms.

Our approach with the Sleep Training System (STS) is different.  We focus not on the symptoms but go directly to the sources of the problem: counterproductive behaviors and negative, often distorted thoughts about sleep that contribute to a self-perpetuating cycle of insomnia.  By comprehensively addressing the true roots of the problem, you enable and naturally strengthen your inborn ability to sleep well -- permanently, safely, and without drugs.

Using the STS, you will learn and use evidence-based methods comparable to those used in top sleep clinics around the world.  Many of these methods are derived from cognitive behavioral therapy applied specifically to insomnia (CBT-I).

Simple, common sense solutions.  CBT is widely used for one simple reason it works.  When applied to sleep improvement, CBT's value has been proven repeatedly.  

This program is also unique, different than any other method of improving sleep.

Here's why: the STS delivers CBT within an easily understandable and efficient framework of understanding.  This user-friendly structure is based on the principles and methodology of human performance training similar to that used by business and adult learning organizations.

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Meticulously researched and extensively documented, the STS includes references for those who may want further information on source material.  These references range from scientific publications to superb online interactive resources.

Safe and effective.  The STS program has been evaluated and approved by a broad range of healthcare professionals.  The STS is recommended by medical doctors as a safe, all natural, and permanent method for better sleeping.

The STS provides an extensive scientific basis for understanding the surprisingly dynamic process of sleep.  Knowing empirical, proven facts about sleep will help you feel more relaxed and confident about working with and improving your own sleep system.

In the STS, you will learn how to improve the quantity, quality, and efficiency of your sleep.  This program will provide you with a precise, interactive, step-by-step manual to achieve exactly that goal.

This is what the STS is about -- proven techniques you can use to sleep better.

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Please note: The STS does not diagnose or address sleep disorders with a medical or psychiatric basis.

The STS is intended to help otherwise normal individuals learn how to sleep better through a variety of methods.

Insomnia with a medical or psychiatric basis is best addressed by a healthcare professional.  Obstructive sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome are examples of medical conditions that can disrupt sleep. Depression and anxiety disorders are examples of psychiatric issues that can disturb sleep.

The STS is not intended to treat psychiatric or medical sleep disorders.  Individuals who have such conditions should consult with their healthcare providers to see if the STS can be used in conjunction with their treatment plan.

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