You can train yourself to sleep better ...

Just as you train to acquire a new skill, play sports, practice a musical instrument, or perform any of the countless other human capabilities, you can train yourself to sleep better.

The STS will show you how, in a logical step-by-step program. It is a very safe, natural, and effective method for better sleeping. The STS incorporates proven cognitive and behavioral tools applied specifically to insomnia (CBT-I), and requires no drugs of any kind to work.

This user-friendly, highly interactive program goes directly to the root causes of common sleeplessness. Unlike pills, the program will not force you to sleep. Instead, you'll learn how to enable optimal sleeping when and where you want.

The STS helps you release negative thoughts and change counterproductive behaviors that interfere with sleep. By constructively addressing the root causes, the STS helps you remove the impediments that hamper good sleep. And you do so permanently, with no side effects.